An Abratable Review: PepeNero – A Traditional Taste of Southern Italy with Heart and Soul

Okay. I know you have heard this one before- a fine dining Italian Ristorante in downtown. You may ask yourself, how is this one different from all the rest? They all try to fool you with their overzealous ambiance and wall-to-wall paintings of Tuscany, Rome or whatever.  So, what makes PepeNero so special and different from the others? Well, for one thing, they have Chef Marco Violano. He gives you the feeling that you are dining in his own home somewhere in Southern Italy by bringing his family traditions and recipes to the table.

The meat and fish, which are hand-picked by Chef Marco Violano, are of the highest quality. In fact, none of the ingredients, which go into a dish at PepeNero, are compromised. Chef Marco Violano puts an Asian twist on his Carpaccio by using high quality Wagyu beef. He calls it, Carpaccio di Wagyu di Manzo Farcito Con Burratina di Corato, Rucola Selvatica con Funghi Misti Sottoaceto, which is Wagyu Beef Carpaccio Cannellone Filled with Burrata Cheese, Wild Rocket and Pickled Mushrooms. This meat is sliced thin enough to melt in your mouth, and it goes excellent with a nice glass of Prosecco…

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