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An Abratable Review: PepeNero – A Traditional Taste of Southern Italy with Heart and Soul

Okay. I know you have heard this one before- a fine dining Italian Ristorante in downtown. You may ask yourself, how is this one different from all the rest? They all try to fool you with their overzealous ambiance and wall-to-wall paintings of Tuscany, Rome or whatever.  So, what makes PepeNero so special and different from the others? Well, for one thing, they have Chef Marco Violano. He gives you the feeling that you are dining in his own home somewhere in Southern Italy by bringing his family traditions and recipes to the table.

The meat and fish, which are hand-picked by Chef Marco Violano, are of the highest quality. In fact, none of the ingredients, which go into a dish at PepeNero, are compromised. Chef Marco Violano puts an Asian twist on his Carpaccio by using high quality Wagyu beef. He calls it, Carpaccio di Wagyu di Manzo Farcito Con Burratina di Corato, Rucola Selvatica con Funghi Misti Sottoaceto, which is Wagyu Beef Carpaccio Cannellone Filled with Burrata Cheese, Wild Rocket and Pickled Mushrooms. This meat is sliced thin enough to melt in your mouth, and it goes excellent with a nice glass of Prosecco…

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Like Singapore’s diverse culture, you will also find an overwhelming diversity of foods there. Unlike visiting other countries, you won’t need to worry about what or where to eat. Food, in Singapore, consists of a beautiful blend of spices from … Continue reading

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The Garden City

The Republic of Singapore, also derived from the Malay language ‘Singapura’ or recognized as the ‘Lion City’, is a small island found at the Southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, between Malaysia (north of the island) and Indonesia (located to the south). The country consists of a multi-racial and multi-religious population of approximately 5 million people. Its main races among the locals include a majority of Chinese, Malays and Indians.  Within the population is an estimated 42% foreigners – a considerable number living harmoniously among the locals within this little island. Though the national language of Singapore is Malay, English is the main language used among its people. This is followed by other languages such as Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

Internationally, Singapore is reputed for its international trade and finance. The port of Singapore is a renowned international trademark and remains one of the busiest ports in the world till this day. As a foreign exchange centre, it is ranked the fourth largest in the world and plays a fundamental role in Singapore’s ever-growing economy. A substantial amount of foreign investments also contribute largely to the Republic’s achievement of being crowned as the fastest-growing economy in the world.

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Singapore – A Multiracial Society

Despite its petite size, Singapore is actually made up of a main island and over 63 offshore islands that many are not aware of. Spanning 42 kilometres from east to west, 23 kilometres north to south[1], this tiny island is a country on its own, contrary to what many foreigners think.

Since its independence, the Singapore government has made it a point to develop the nation as a multicultural society. The country has successfully coined the term “Many races, one nation” to reflect its diverse population, cultures, and languages. As of June 2010, Singapore’s total population was 5.08 million[2], consisting of a variety of mixed cultures and races. The population of Singapore is a mix of a majority of Chinese at 74.1%, Malays at 13.4%, Indians at 9.2%, and Eurasians and other minority ethnic groups at 3.3%.[3]

The nation also welcomes foreigners from all walks of life and from all corners of the earth to visit, work, play, and grow in Singapore. Besides the modern architecture, preservation of traditional legacies and buildings, and the wide variety of local food, Singapore is home to many ethnic groups, each bringing along its own culture, art, and flavors.

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Tourism in Singapore

Singapore is a hot spot for tourism. In fact, recent statistics show that for the first time in 10 years, Singapore has hit a high of S$18.8 billion in tourism alone. Listed below, are some popular activities among tourists in Singapore.


Sightseeing is a great way to explore and learn more about the country you’re visiting. In Singapore, places of interest are aplenty. Day and night tours provide the maximum experience to any tourist looking to explore. Sentosa is a popular island resort and is visited by close to 5 million tourists each year. This island paradise is home to some of Singapore’s best hotel resorts, an underwater aquarium, and magnificent golf courses. You can laze around on the beach or take an adrenaline-filled ride down the Skyline Luge. There is no doubt you will be making your way back here soon after you leave. Perhaps, you prefer a quiet boat ride along the Singapore River at night, so you can watch the beautiful city lights sparkle on your gentle wake. Singapore’s landscape and architecture offer a unique combination of historical and modern style influenced by many parts of the world. This is evident when you see the unique skyline and many other structures that make up Singapore. Tourists can choose to visit Singapore during any of the celebrated annual festive holidays such as: Chinese Lunar New Year, Chingay, Deepavali, Taipusam, Hari Raya and many others.


You will be spoilt for choice shopping in Singapore. Get brand-conscious on Orchard Road, explore what is culturally beautiful in China town or Little India, or go crazy with a large variety of fabric at Arab Street. Popular items purchased in Singapore include electronics, jewellery, branded clothes, antiques, ethnic items, herbs, and spices.


The art scene in Singapore has proven to be vivacious and attractive among tourists and locals. The Esplanade is one such landmark that provides the opportunity to witness performances such as, Singapore’s Bright and Talented Symphony Orchestra, and a variety of other shows. Concert halls and theatres around town also provide such entertainment. If you are the partying type, nightlife is booming on this little island with clubs, pubs and bars lined up for your drinking and dancing pleasure. Or how about having a less active evening by catching the latest blockbuster at one of the local cinemas in cool comfort? Around the clock eateries add to the convenience of having an adventurous night out in Singapore.

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