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From the creators of the Resident Evil hit flicks, comes Pandorum – a ‘dark, disquieting dream’ as referred to by Justine Elias of The Boston Globe. This science fiction hit has multiple twists midway and actor Dennis Quaid would have you bewildered till the very end. Futuristic yet realistic in many ways, the title itself explains much and the storyline, well, unfolds to depict the meaning of Pandorum, a fictional psychological condition that the astronauts face being in outer space for long periods of time. This one would leave you questioning the possibilities of science and technology in time to come. Three cheers for Ben Foster for his brilliant role!

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Another brilliant box office hit and this one has indeed topped my charts. A great cast and an in-depth story line is what I was hearing and was exactly what I got. This science fiction, psychological thriller-like film has a stupendous cast that wouldn’t be the same without one or the other. Starring famous names like Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe and Michael Caine, the movie simply depicts an insanely surreal yet intelligent world of the human subconscious. DiCaprio’s role as one of the best thief of dreams has convinced me that anything is possible. With 8 Academy Award nominations and a whopping $68 million in sales, get ready for a bewildering adventure of the mind…

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The Backup Plan

A cute romantic comedy that many might relate to in terms of going all out for the one you love. It is truly dreamy for the ladies out there, but not much of a comedy if you’re looking for a good laugh. I must say that the idea of the movie was targeted at both men and women, and would indeed be entertaining for couples. Jennifer Lopez’s has pulled off her leading role once again in a very natural and slightly comical manner. Let’s not forget the leading male hunk Alex O’Loughlin, who was just irresistible.

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The Last Exorcism

The movie kicks start as a documentary-like feature almost seemingly based on a genuine incident which makes the movie a little more realistic. The main character comes across as being phoney in his role as a ‘holy man’ with a few jokes thrown in every now and then. This adds on to form a convincing storyline, keeping audience captivated early in the show.

The movie builds as the main character becomes seemingly more aware of his disbeliefs and the ‘horror’ takes off to a good start. This build-up does make the twist at the end more startling and unforeseen, though it slowly dies down with a rather abrupt ending. This movie is comparable to the ‘Blair Witch Project’ and one that you might want to waste an hour or two on if you haven’t anything else better to do.

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Disturbing and weird – The Orphan starts of slowly and the plot evolves into a great thriller. The characters managed to pull this one off – especially the leading role of the ‘little girl’. It was interesting how the story turned out and the twist at the end made it pretty unsettling. This one will leave you thinking “No way!” when the credits come up.

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