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Hot Fry Media was founded by two young entrepreneurs, both based halfway around the world from each other. With a strong foundation of cross-cultural understanding and extensive international experience, the team is able to provide constructive and effective tools and services necessary to growing and taking your business to the next level.




Rebecca Binny-Hallmark

Co-Founder, International Marketing and Strategic Business Development


Rebecca is a result-oriented professional in the international spectrum of marketing and business development. She has spent the last 8 years supporting small businesses and startups in expansion and growth, and has recently been involved in fund raising for SMEs. Rebecca’s firm belief in developing and implementing cost-effective solutions and strategies aid businesses in achieving their goals. Her strengths and capabilities include strategies that often incorporate a blend of marketing & sales, target messaging & branding, and evaluation & follow-up.

With a strong background in international relations and specializing in the media and entertainment industry, Rebecca has garnered a strong presence in business relationship building and partnership development, marketing and promoting businesses and services in both Asia and the United States.
Rebecca has worked with Fortune 500 companies, large international corporations, major studios and productions companies, as well as major retailers in the United States.

She also majors in advertising, with a creative touch towards branding a company. She has developed taglines, ad copy, and marketing materials for hundreds of small businesses to-date.

She currently consults for several SMEs, financial groups, and startup businesses in the United States and parts of Asia.




Sarah Jane Binny

Co-Founder, Neurotic Writer & Educator


With a passion for writing from an early age, Sarah Jane has pursued her love for words formerly as a hobby, now as a profession in the international realm of writers and editors.

Her studies in techniques of speaking and writing as well as journalism inspired her to extend her writing into the corporate sector. Sarah’s style in many forms includes corporate & business writing, creative and thinking processes, as well as writing for children under the age of 12. She previously wrote ESL (English as a Second Language) course material for adults, as well as books for publishers targeting educational and children books. Her passion for expression through writing targets both the corporate and artistic world of today.

Throughout her school days and after graduation, Sarah spent a lot of time building her portfolio through the writing of reviews for books, movies and websites. She has written for numerous international corporations, media companies, and smaller organizations. Her writing includes informational and cultural websites, consumer product offerings, financial and corporate business development portfolios, and even toy rental stores.

Besides her corporate know-how and formal development writing skills, Sarah Jane is also well-versed in creative and informal writing. Sarah strongly believes that imagination fuels creative writing and assimilates that in the writing of articles, product descriptions and websites for her clients. Her creativity is also evident in the classroom, where Sarah Jane aspires and mentors young children in creative and thinking processes on a daily basis. She is also qualified in the theories of Montessori.

“It’s all just learning and growing process, between the child and the teacher, the reader and the writer, the client and the company.”


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